Stain Removal

Do you have a stubborn stain plaguing one of your best rugs or an antique furniture piece? Fine fabrics seem to be stain magnets no matter how careful you might be. You want to get the stain out, but it’s hard to be sure what type of stain remover would be safe to use on delicate fabrics. Don’t risk ruining a family heirloom, contact the experts at First Class Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. 

Food and Drink Stains

Some of the most common stains come from food and drinks. From everyday life to entertaining friends and family, food gets dropped and wine or juice can get spilled. Children tend to make messes wherever they go. But you shouldn’t have to worry all the time about spills and stains. With the help of a professional carpet and upholstery cleaning service like First Class, those stubborn stains can be removed from even your finest fabrics. 

Pet Stains

You love your fur babies like they are part of the family. But you don’t love the stains they sometimes leave behind. From muddy paws to inside accidents, sometimes pets are the biggest source of stains in our home. And along with pet stains comes odor that needs to be removed as well. First Class Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning can remove pet stains and odors from your carpets, even valuable oriental rugs, and even delicate furniture upholstery. 

Dirt and Mud Stains

When the family tracks in dirt and mud it can stain carpets or furniture. No matter how many house rules you make about taking shoes off at the door and not putting feet on the furniture, nobody’s perfect and dirt happens. You don’t have to treat your home like a museum just because you have some nice things. Your carpet and upholstery cleaners are always at the ready to take care of the stains. 

Paint and Nail Polish Stains 

Some of the most difficult stains to get out are paint and nail polish. Once they dry they can be pretty stuck on. But don’t give up hope. It is possible to remove these extremely stubborn stains with the right type of cleaning solution. Do not use nail polish remover on a rug or upholstery, because it will likely remove the color from the fabric. These types of stains need careful, professional cleaning by the experts at First Class Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning.

Tile and Grout Stains

If you have tile floors or a tiled shower, you know that grout is easily stained, especially white grout. In the shower that is constantly wet, grout grows black mold and mildew that is difficult to remove with regular cleaners. The grout in between your floor tiles will soak up all of the dirty water as you mop your floors and become stained. First Class Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning can also remove stains from your tile and grout. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Stain Removal

How can I prevent stains on my fine fabrics?

Scotchgard is a protective layer that can be applied to upholstery to prevent stains from soaking in or setting in. It is similar to a waterproof layer so that spills just run off.

Can you remove pet stains from oriental rugs without damaging them?

This is tricky, but it can be done. You should only trust your valuable rugs to professional carpet cleaners like First Class. We can remove pet stains and odors from Oriental rugs, Persian rugs, Chinese rugs, and many other finely made rugs.

How can I keep grout clean?

Grout can be sealed so that it won’t be able to absorb stains. We can clean your grout to remove stains and then seal it to prevent future stains.

What can I do to prevent accidents from becoming stains?

Call us right away. The sooner we apply professional cleaning solutions to the spill, the more likely it is to come out. 

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