How Much Does Oriental Rug Cleaning Cost in Garrison, NY?

How Much Does Oriental Rug Cleaning Cost in Garrison, NY?

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Oriental rugs of all different colors can change an entire room. They can be bright and bold or just soft and subtle. But no matter what, the feel of one of these rugs under your bare feet just feels incredible. 

You can purchase just any rug, but you invest in an oriental rug. They are made with high-quality materials and are designed to last for years to come. That is, of course, as long as they are taken care of. This means regularly having your oriental rug professionally cleaned. 

Why Cleaning Your Oriental Rug is Necessary

Maintaining your oriental rug is a big part of owning one. Placed on the floor, these rugs are subject to everything you have on your shoes or feet - every time it is stepped on. Not to mention that things get spilled, dust and dirt can pile up, and so forth. 

Cleaning your oriental rug is necessary as it removes the dirt, allergens, and other infestations while also making it look nice and sanitizing it to keep your rug looking good and your family healthy. 

When you allow professional rug cleaners to care for your oriental rug frequently, you can extend the life of your rug. Anything that can be unhealthy for your rug will be removed. Also, should there ever be any damage, the pros will know just how to address it so that it remains in great condition. 

Benefits of Professional Oriental Rug Cleaning

A quick online search and you will land many results about ways you can clean your oriental rug at home. And while these may be great options between appointments, there is nothing that can come close to a professional rug cleaning. Just check out the benefits. 

Remove Dirt. It doesn’t matter how much you vacuum, you are only reaching the top layers of dirt on your rug. If you look closely at your oriental rug, there are many fibers that come together to create it. That means dirt can get pushed down deep inside - especially if your rug is in a heavily-trafficked area. Rug professionals in Garrison have the tools that allow them to reach down and remove all the dirt from your rug. 

Safe Cleaning. Trying DIY methods you researched online can actually do more harm than good. Remember, you invested in your oriental rug and need to care for it. Rather than throwing random types of chemicals and household products on your rug - let the professionals clean it gently and safely. That way you don’t have to worry about colors bleeding or damaging the rug. 

Remove Stains. Having a stain on an oriental rug can stand out and, when your rug is a centerpiece in the room, that stain can be unsightly. Trying to remove the stain yourself can lead to a bigger mess. Professional rug cleaners will know just how to tackle stains and revive your beautiful rug. 

The Cost of Oriental Rug Cleaning in Garrison, NY

The cost of oriental rug cleaning in Garrison, NY will vary based on the size of the rug. On average, it may cost between $2 and $5 per square foot for basic cleaning services. The larger the rug, the greater the cost. And adding on services such as pet stain removal or deodorizing can include an additional fee. 

Reaching out to professional rug cleaners will give you the chance to get a more accurate estimate of cost based on your personal situation. It is recommended that oriental rugs be professionally cleaned at least once per year. If yours has not been cleaned and you are in the Garrison area, contact First Class Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning today at 845-224-5651.