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How Much Does Rug Cleaning Cost in Dutchess County?

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Rugs are meant to be walked on — and sometimes they are on the ground in the most highly trafficked area of your home. That does not mean they have to look like it. 

Professional rug cleaning in Dutchess County can remove dirt and stains safely without causing damage to the rug itself. The results can be stunning, leaving the rug – and the room – looking fresh and new. 

The Average Rug Cleaning Cost in Dutchess County

On average, residential and commercial customers in and around Dutchess County, NY can expect to pay about $3.00 per square foot for rug cleaning. However, the cost can fall anywhere between $1.00 to $5.00 per square foot, this depends on the rug material. 

The specific price you will pay to have your rug cleaned will be dependent on a few different factors. It is always a good idea to find a local company with a good reputation — and then get an estimate. Many are often very happy to provide this and it gives you a more accurate cost amount, too. 

How is Rug Cleaning Cost Determined? 

Just as one rug can vary greatly from another, so can the cost of cleaning it. As a result, the actual cost of professional care will be determined by taking a few key details into consideration.  

The Rug’s Size

Rug cleaning is charged by an amount per foot. Therefore its size will play a big role in estimating the average cost of cleaning your rug. In other words, larger rugs will cost more than smaller ones.

The size matters due to the time involved in cleaning, as well as the cleaner and machinery. 

How Dirty Your Rug Is

Rugs are walked on regularly so it is expected that they will get dirty. The carpet cleaning company you choose is not likely going to pick out every small dirty detail on your rug and add a price to it. However, they will look at the larger stains that may be stubborn and require extra work. 

Pet stains, food debris, and worn foot traffic, for example, all play a role in the cost of cleaning your rug. The dirtier the rug the more effort it will take to clean it. This will impact your cost. 

The Type of Rug

The type of rug you have does impact the cost of cleaning as some rugs are made of elegant materials and require more careful attention and/or special treatment to get them thoroughly cleaned. 

Rugs that don’t require any special care will likely be cleaned for a lower price. 

The Need to Move Furniture

Large rugs may be placed in a room with furniture. And, in order to gain full access to them, this furniture will need to be moved. Depending on the number and size of the pieces, this could result in an additional charge – unless they are moved prior to arrival.  

Rug Cleaning in Dutchess County

If you have a rug that needs to be cleaned, the professionals at First Class Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning can help. We handle the cleaning of rugs and carpets at both residential and commercial properties with very careful attention to detail. 

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