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How Much Does Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost in Poughkeepsie, NY?

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Grout is a porous material, meaning that germs, dirt, stains, and allergens can penetrate it.  That’s why tile and grout cleaning is an essential part of keeping any home or business healthy and clean. We generally recommend that families with tile floors get a professional tile and grout cleaning once per year. Businesses may need the service more often, as they tend to see higher foot traffic. 

If you’re planning your annual budget for home or business cleaning, it’s important to plan for tile and grout cleaning. Understanding the factors that affect this cost and the average price in your area can help you budget accurately. 

Factors That Affect Tile and Grout Cleaning Costs

When a cleaning professional estimates the cost for your tile and grout cleaning, they factor in several considerations, including:

  • The size of the tile
  • How dirty the floor is
  • Whether you want sealant
  • The square footage of the area that needs cleaning

Take a look at the size of an individual piece of tile on the floor in question. The smaller the tile, the more expensive the cleaning will be per square foot. That’s because small tiles require more grout lines to connect to each other. So a standard 12”x12” kitchen tile is one of the cheapest tile floors to clean. However, a floor with mosaic tiles may require significantly more grout cleaning. 

If your tile hasn’t had a deep cleaning in quite some time - maybe never - expect your first deep cleaning to cost a little more. That’s because it will take more time, effort, and materials. However, if you keep up with regular cleanings, they will be less expensive going forward. 

Sealant is a product that professionals can apply after cleaning tile and grout. This sealant keeps dirt and germs from getting into the grout for a while. It can mean that you do not need cleanings as frequently. However, the extra service costs more per square foot. 

Finally, professional cleaners take these factors into account to determine a price per square foot. They measure the area that needs cleaning to determine how many square feet they need to clean. Multiply those numbers, and you get your cost for tile and grout cleaning.

Average Tile and Grout Cleaning Cost in Poughkeepsie, NY

We can’t speak for all cleaners, but we can give you our average price for tile and grout cleaning in New York. We charge an average of $1 per square foot, the total price is subject to the size of the overall area, including the condition of the grout and tile. These prices are subject to change. Remember that there may be other factors in your home that change the base price per square foot.

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While averages can help you get a pretty good idea of how much tile and grout cleaning will cost, it’s not set in stone. Make sure to contact us to schedule your free estimate. Our professionals take pride in their work and look forward to serving you.

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