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Amount of Time Carpet Takes to Dry After Professional Cleaning

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When you walk into a room with carpets, one of the first things that you are sure to notice is the carpet. Whether it looks fantastically fluffy and clean or you can point out every mishap, spill, and step that has been taken on it, carpet stands out. 

That’s why taking care of carpet both at home and at the office is important. Though, leaping for a professional cleaning may have you wondering just how long your down time will be. How long does it take carpet to dry? And when is it safe to walk on it again? 

The Power of Clean Carpet

Believe it or not, there are a lot of reasons why you should want to have a clean carpet. For instance, it extends the life of your carpet. A professional cleaning will remove all the buildup buried deep in the carpet, preventing it from causing fibers to deteriorate. 

For those with allergies, the dust, dirt, debris, and other allergens that land on your carpet eventually make their way deeper and deeper within it. This can lead to more exaggerated allergies and create respiratory issues for those who have sensitivities. A thorough cleaning, will remove it all and make breathing much, much easier. 

Finally, it looks good! There is something to be said about feeling good in the space around you. Professionally cleaned carpet feels nice and looks beautiful. Besides, nobody wants to look at all those nasty stains and worn spots. Let them go. 

So, we talk about all the important factors of clean carpet because the method to get there involves professional cleaning -- and that you allow it time to dry. For some, this may be seen as an inconvenience. When the cost and benefit are weighed out, spending time away from your carpet for a bit leads to great results - and it is so worth it. 

How Long Does it Take to Dry? 

When your professional carpet cleaners leave your home, you may notice that your carpet feels only a tad bit damp. That doesn’t mean it is safe to walk on as normal. You will want to give it time to dry. How long that time is will vary. 

In general, your professionally-cleaned carpet will need between 6 to 10 hours to dry. Depending on how dirty the carpet was and how well ventilated your place is, this could take slightly longer. For some, it may take up to 24 hours before the carpet is completely dry. 

You can take a few steps to help your carpet dry faster, such as: 

  • Hire an experienced cleaning team. Using too much water or not taking the time to remove excess water can cause your carpet to take longer. 
  • Ventilation throughout your home helps. Open windows and allow some of the moist air to escape while allowing the air to flow through your home. Turning on ceiling fans and air conditioning will help, too. 
  • Get cleanings regularly. The worse your carpet is, the more effort - and water - it is going to take to get it clean. Getting regular cleanings means being able to do it more efficiently, resulting in faster drying times. 

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