gray cat rolling on a rug

HV Carpet Cleaning – Pet Stains

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Your fur babies are a beloved part of the family, but less loved are the stains they can sometimes leave behind. Whether your pet has an accident or has left muddy paw prints on the …

carpet cleaning wand going across a beige rug showing dirty/clean difference

How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in the Beacon, NY?

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Professional carpet cleaning can make your old carpets look like new. Carpet cleaning can remove stains, soils, odors, and more. You could rent or purchase a carpet shampooer, but do-it-yourself options can leave you with …

vacuum mark on grey rug showing dirty/clean difference

Amount of Time Carpet Takes to Dry After Professional Cleaning

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When you walk into a room with carpets, one of the first things that you are sure to notice is the carpet. Whether it looks fantastically fluffy and clean or you can point out every …