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How Much Does Carpet Cleaning Cost in the Beacon, NY?

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Professional carpet cleaning can make your old carpets look like new. Carpet cleaning can remove stains, soils, odors, and more. You could rent or purchase a carpet shampooer, but do-it-yourself options can leave you with mediocre results and potentially cause damage to your carpet and the subfloor underneath. 

If you want effective carpet cleaning, it may be worth the cost to pay a professional carpet cleaning service. How much does carpet cleaning cost in Beacon, New York? Here’s what you can expect. 

Average Cost of Carpet Cleaning Services 

It is difficult to pinpoint the exact cost of carpet cleaning services in New York because there are many factors that have an effect on the pricing. Residential carpet cleaning will differ in cost from commercial carpet cleaning. Carpet cleaning rates may be on a per-room basis, and others on a square foot basis. Whether or not furniture will need to be moved is another factor in the cost. Here are some average numbers to give you a general idea. 

Cost of Residential Carpet Cleaning

Residential carpet cleaning rates for homes and rental spaces may be: 

  • Per room: $50-$80. The average cost for carpet cleaning on a per-room basis may range anywhere from $50 to $80. Of course the size of the room is usually a factor in the cost, as well as whether or not there is furniture in the room. 
  • Per square foot: $0.70-$1.15. The average cost for carpet cleaning on a per-square foot basis may fall anywhere from $0.70 to $1.15. This type of rate may be used for rugs and carpet remnants that are not wall-to-wall. 

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Costs

It is expected that commercial carpet cleaning may include larger spaces, which is why it is more commonly billed by square foot instead of on a room-by-room basis. 

  • Per square foot: $0.20-$0.50. Since commercial spaces are larger, the per-square foot rate is lower. You could expect a quote anywhere between $0.20 to $0.50. Where the rate will fall within that range will depend on a variety of factors, including furniture. 

Factors Affecting the Overall Cost of Carpet Cleaning

  • Cost of living. The cost of living in your area will affect everything, including carpet cleaning services. Carpet cleaning in the city will likely cost more than carpet cleaning in the country or suburbs.
  • Type of carpet. Some carpets and rugs will require special cleaning if they are made of delicate materials or fabrics. High value oriental and persian rugs may cost more to clean. 
  • Size of the room. If the carpet is wall-to-wall, the size of the room will be a factor in the price of cleaning. 
  • Size of the carpet / rug. For area rugs and remnants, the size of the carpet will make a difference in the cost to clean it. 
  • Furniture in the room. When there is furniture in the room that will need to be moved in order to clean the carpet and then moved back afterwards, the cost will be higher. 
  • Condition of the carpet. Deep stains and strong odors may require a more thorough cleaning with multiple passes, which will increase the cost. 
  • Ease of access. The level of difficulty or ease of reaching your home or office building may also affect the cost of carpet cleaning. 
  • Location/distance. The further the cleaning service will need to travel to your home or building, the higher the rate may be.

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